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"The authors deny that I would be an author. The actors deny that I would be an actor. The authors tell me: you are an actor who makes the author. The actors tell me: you are an author who makes the actor. Some do not want me in their own category. Only the scenographers tolerate me. " Dario Fo, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, 1997. Chapter I Destinies Summer is coming to an end. It is raining heavily across the west coast of America. Even if it's night, the atmosphere is very hot. The earth is still hot and blue steam is dissipating in the air making it unbreathable. The air outside is stifling, and the cabin is too hot. In the background, in the curve, you can hear the long creaking and the rare, jerky creaking of the big wheels of heavy, rectangular trucks, and a rain of black, greasy splashes, thrown on either side, falls on the sidewalk. Two figures are lost in the...

THE PASSION OF LIVING by Author: Costachi S.E. .PDF
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☝👀THE PASSION OF LIVING by Author: Costachi S.E. .PDF📚

THE PASSION OF LIVING by Author: Costachi S.E. Placed between the real and the imaginary, it wants to be a short story dedicated to all those who love life and who sometimes wonder where they come from, who they are and where they go ... Motto: < There is nothing new or invented. The divinity comes at some point to reflect through its valuable messenger, the MAN, everything he inherited, won or aspires to.> C.S. PREFACE Born on January 22, 1970 in Barlad, the author Scarlatachi Catalin-Marius, pen name Costachi S.E., attended the classes of the gymnasium school and then of the “Gheorghe Rosca-Codreanu” National College, the mathematical-physical specialization from the same locality. He attended the courses of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Polytechnic University “Gh. Asachi” from Iasi between 1989-1990, graduated from the Faculty of Psychology of the University “Al.I.Cuza”...

Stars on the sidewalk  by Costachi S.E. .PDF
I Love Books

☝👀Stars on the sidewalk by Costachi S.E. .PDF📚

Motto: If their story had not existed, no one would have thought that from the shadow of such distant waters, from the frozen depths of their still, mysterious waves, beneath which the huge secrets of nature are hidden from the inquisitive eyes, some stars so vigorous and restless that they descend so close, among us, to change their light into a flame so warm and so human, that they invade our world with the most intense and vibrant emotion .... The world we live in. C.S. Foreword Nobody knows what life is, where it starts and where it ends, everyone insists on who was the first, the egg or the hen, but everyone wants to change it from birth to death. And then, after them, always come others and others, who are more and more revolted and more innovative, who, without bothering to penetrate the essence of things, remain dumbfounded when they find that everything is as it is precisely...