Covet by Tracy Wolff, free Pdf book📚

Covet by Tracy Wolff, free Pdf book
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“Covet” is an absolute page turner from page one. The prose are beautifully written in a style that readers of Tracy’s work have come to expect. Be prepared to put everything aside as you will not be able to put the book down.

“Covet” by Wolff Covet is a modern masterpiece, a powerful novel that can be read on its own. This novel is written by Tracy Wolff. She is a true storyteller, and Covet is her best book. It’s an epic tale of family, secrets, loss, marriage, betrayal, friendships, laughter, and regrets. Covet is a heartfelt novel written with compassion and hope, reconciling the past to pave a road to happiness and second chances.

 The characters in this novel bring life and heart to this story, each with a distinct voice and personality. They made reader love them, they made reader sad, they made reader angry, they made reader laugh, they made reader cry, and they made reader believe in the promise of love and home. 

“Dangerous and intriguing, empowering and swoon-worthy, Crush is
everything fans of the series didn’t know they’d want in a sequel and sets up a third installment you won’t want to miss.”

— Hypable

“From the hilarious one-liners to the death-defying odds, this book had me turning every page like my life depended on it.”

— Vocal.Media

“A fantastic and engrossing follow-up to Crave.”

— Frolic Media

“Double the romance, stakes, and the danger has ramped up to some pretty critical levels... And just WAIT until you read that ending.”

— The Nerd Daily

“Crush is pure serotonin. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time I was reading it.”

— CaitsBooks

“It was mind-boggling, twisty, heart-wrenching goodness all wrapped up into one book.”

— Reading Throughout the World

“Tracy Wolff is a gem that I am so grateful for. She has put
vampire/paranormal reads back on the map and truly does these stories justice!”

— Living My Best Book Life

A short fragment of the book:

" This isn’t how it was supposed to happen.
This isn’t how anything was supposed to happen. Then again, when has
my life gone according to plan this year? From the moment I first got to
Katmere Academy, so much has been out of my control. Why should today,
why should this moment, be any different?

I finish pulling up my tights and straighten my skirt. Then I slide my feet
into my favorite pair of black boots and grab my black uniform blazer from
the closet.

My hands are shaking a little—to be honest, my whole body is shaking a
little—as I ease my arms into the sleeves. But I feel like that’s fair. This is the
third funeral I’ve gone to in twelve months. And it hasn’t gotten any easier.
Nothing has.

It’s been five days since I beat the challenge.
Five days since Cole broke the mating bond between Jaxon and me and
almost destroyed us both.

Five days since I nearly died...and five days since Xavier actually did.
My stomach pitches and rolls and for a second, I feel like I’m going to
throw up.

I take several deep breaths—in through my nose, out through my mouth—
to quell the nausea and the panic rising inside me. It takes a minute or three,
but eventually both feelings subside enough that it’s no longer like I’ve got a
fully loaded 18-wheeler parked on my chest.
It’s a small victory, but I’ll take it.

I pull in one more deep breath as I fasten the brass buttons on the front of
my blazer, then glance in the mirror to make sure I look presentable. I
long as you play fast and loose with the definition of “presentable.”

My brown eyes are dull, my skin sallow. And my ridiculous curls are
fighting the bun I’ve wrestled them into. Of course, grief has never been my
best look.

At least the bruises from the Ludares challenge have started to fade,
turning from their original violent black and purple into that mottled
yellow/lavender color that happens just before they disappear completely.

And it helps slightly to know that Cole finally hit my uncle’s too-many-
strikes-and-you’re-out limit and got expelled. Part of me wishes that he’ll meet an even bigger bully at that school for paranormal delinquents and
misfits he was sent to in Texas...just to see how it feels for once."
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