Kathryn Purdie - Bone Criers Dawn. carte PDF📚

Kathryn Purdie - Bone Criers Dawn. carte PDF
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A few seconds later, flint and steel strike together. The soft glow meets
a candlewick and snaps into a brighter flame.

Bastien and I elbow forward for the candle. The alliance I’ve made with
the boy who loves Ailesse—who she somehow loves in return—is tenuous
at best. Just because he and his friends are helping me free her from her
abductor doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven them for also holding her captive.

Fragment :

" We’ve been waiting for the perfect storm to mask the noise of the
explosion, and as poor luck would have it, it fell on the same day as the new
moon. Ferrying night. If this rescue attempt fails, I’ll have to lead my
famille on the land bridge myself and ferry the souls of the departed—the
sacred duty of each Leurress, given to us by the gods of the afterlife, who
we descend from. But I can’t lead my famille. Ailesse is the only person
alive who knows the song on the bone flute that opens the Gates to the
Beyond. She was meant to be matrone, not me. "

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  • Kathryn Purdie - Bone Criers Dawn. carte PDF

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