Stars on the sidewalk by Costachi S.E. .PDF📚

Stars on the sidewalk  by Costachi S.E. .PDF
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If their story had not existed, no one would
have thought that from the shadow of such distant
waters, from the frozen depths of their still,
mysterious waves, beneath which the huge secrets of
nature are hidden from the inquisitive eyes, some
stars so vigorous and restless that they descend so
close, among us, to change their light into a flame so
warm and so human, that they invade our world with
the most intense and vibrant emotion ....
The world we live in.



Nobody knows what life is, where it starts
and where it ends, everyone insists on who was the
first, the egg or the hen, but everyone wants to change
it from birth to death. And then, after them, always
come others and others, who are more and more
revolted and more innovative, who, without
bothering to penetrate the essence of things, remain
dumbfounded when they find that everything is as it
is precisely because nothing has been changed. In
order to have a future, nothing in the deep essence of
life must be changed!
Disguised in ephemeral forms, the present is
caught in the straps. Everything that moves just

seems random. Appearance is embedded in laws and
rigors that do not expand and cannot be violated, the
relentless remains insensitive to everything that is
new. Any other form given to the form does not
imply a change of content.
Our too narrow circle imposes its will with a
priori brutality. In a hermetically sealed enclosure,
ruled only by fate, no matter how much the actors
move on stage, no one can change anything.
Life is an island of hope. In an ocean of
vanity, in a pile of rubble, three wonderful moments
are waiting for the inspired to live sublime!
What happens in the physical world is a
series of sequences, a movie. A Methuselah series
with nine hundred and ninety-nine episodes that
unfolds anarchically under the rule of emotions,
frame by frame.

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  • Stars on the sidewalk by Costachi S.E. .PDF

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